On love.

[You are not about to read what you think you are reading.] Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not boast. It doesn’t puff itself up. It doesn’t envy or compare itself to others. It rejoices in truth and believes all things. But most of all? Love never gives up. And it was never […]

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Sometimes it Takes a Mountain

“Sometimes it takes a mountain, sometimes a troubled sea, sometimes it takes a desert to get a hold of me. Your love is so much stronger than whatever troubles me.  Sometimes it takes a mountain to trust You and believe.” – Gaither Vocal Band Mercy. As I look at my life, I see so many mountains—so […]

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Fiction [destroys]

[Once again, I’m writing when I should be sleeping.] I grew up reading everything within my reach. Our weekly trips to the library were the highlight of my life. Every book was carefully reviewed by my parents to make sure it met certain criteria. There was to be no inappropriate behavior or words.  For the […]

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