yes and amen – pt. 2

“And all His promises are yes and amen.” There’s something else that fear taught me about. Grace. My views of God and His attitude towards me began to evolve and some of them began to fall away. It has been my experience that when we let fear rule us we not only damage ourselves, but […]

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yes and amen – pt 1

“And all His promises are yes and amen.” Fear. It’s one of the monsters I have had to fight in my own life. I always thought I wasn’t afraid of anything but the dark. But as I grew older I’ve realized that I wasn’t afraid of the darkness itself, but the unknown within it. Now, […]

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In Defense of Church

Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the church. And that’s good. But it doesn’t take a genius to realize that not all of it has been positive. And that’s not bad within itself.  And I definitely don’t agree with everything going on in it. I have fun making jokes and exaggerating as much […]

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On love.

[You are not about to read what you think you are reading.] Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not boast. It doesn’t puff itself up. It doesn’t envy or compare itself to others. It rejoices in truth and believes all things. But most of all? Love never gives up. And it was never […]

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