Get Help.

20 minutes ago someone I know confessed that they are an alcoholic. It shook me to my core.  What do you do when someone you know and care about starts throwing their life away? “It hasn’t affected my studies. I only drink on the weekends.” “Yet. It hasn’t affected them, yet.” Alcohol isn’t something to […]

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It’s 9:05pm. I’m supposed to be asleep or getting there. But instead I’m here writing a blog post on fear.  Why?  Because I have had a life-long struggle with fear.  And recently, circumstances have forced me to conquer my fears. But first, fears have to be faced.  And those two things are the hardest things […]

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Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.  And yes, two years ago I wrote a similar blog post when I was blogging for Southern. But it’s definitely worth revisiting. This morning I was reading through Ps. 89. It chronicles God’s faithfulness to the covenant relationship with His people. I will sing of the mercies […]

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Yet. The word that holds promise and fate. The word that can mean a future or the death of dreams.  The word that conceals all the underlying secrets and desires of life. Yet.  It bespeaks of obstacles and opportunities for triumph.  It begs one to find truth, seize it, and move forward. It speaks of […]

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Not Single; Incomplete

Humans were not created to be single.  We were created incomplete. We were created with an inherent need for someone else.  Nothing about is whole. We desperately need someone to complete us. We need eyes to look into and a heart to share. Before you jump to conclusions, and judge this as a sappy overly […]

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