On Becoming…

“Just be yourself.”

Most of my recent life, as you can tell by the many blog posts I’ve written, I’ve wrestled with the idea of identity.

How do I even determine who I am? Life is constant evolution (see upcoming blog post). So how do I determine who I am at any given time?

I think the real problem here is that we treat ourselves as static entities. In reality, life is dynamic. Life is constantly shifting and changing, so why should we remain the same? (More on this next blog post.)

So how do I determine who being myself is? Which version of me do I be today? All of them true, all striving for balance and health. Sometimes I feel so complex that it’s hard to determine which part of me is the “real” me.

And then suddenly, recently, I realized that maybe life isn’t about being yourself so much as it is about becoming yourself. That journey takes a lifetime of searching and working and mistakes and learning. But in the end, it’s worth it. We forget about becoming in all of our hustle to be.

To be what though? If we aren’t on a journey to discover who are (and therefore, who God has created us to be), then what journey are we on?

So this week in all of life’s hustle to be the many things we are required to be. Don’t forget about becoming.

Just become you.

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