Unscripting Life

Life is chaotic. And I’ve spent so much of my life living by the scripts people handed me. Everybody has a script for you to follow–whether it’s a career, a family, or even beliefs. And of course it’s because they care. But I think we spend so much of our lives trying to incorporate as many scripts as we can into our life film that it ends up being disjointed and we end up pressured and tired.

But somewhere along the line I think I realized I didn’t know what my script was. (Obviously, we follow God’s leading in our lives, so don’t @ me.) but our lives aren’t for other people to script. Our lives aren’t meant for other people’s dialogues or opinions.

Maybe it’s just the point that I am in, in my life right now, idk. I do know that jamming so many scripts as possible into my little life has complicated it and stressed me out beyond belief. So here’s to tearing up the scripts and living life as it comes. Here’s to living life to fullest.

So if I ditch the script from here on out, forgive me. Though I can’t say I’m apologizing. I’ve simply decided to live outside the script.

If you’re looking for the script, I’ve probably used it as a dustpan. Or it’s at the bottom of the cat’s litter box 😬.

Here’s to living an eternal open script.

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