On becoming – Chapter 1

If I don’t start writing now, I’ll probably never get it all down.  Maybe my story won’t mean anything to you, but hey, maybe it will.  Either way, it’s time to write.


I sit here typing this chapter when I should be working on the papers that are due this week.  My cat, Mycroft Watson Holmes, is sleeping next to me, his little toes wiggling as he dreams.  My apartment has cat toys scattered from one end to the other.  I’ll be finished with grad school in two more semesters and will go back to the Carolinas.   Looking back over the past five years, so much has happened.  And I know I’ll grow so much more over the next five, but sometimes you need to remember–something I don’t do well.  So for what it’s worth, here’s my story.

Dear Johns and Freshman Year: (pt. 1)

I was so like every other young innocent freshman, but I didn’t think I was–just like everyone else did. Sure, I’d been working on campus for some time, so I knew it better than a lot of the other freshman did. I had so many ideals and so many dreams.  Some of them I still have, but most of them have evolved. I was going to do so well and accomplish so much. And in truth, I did.

I remember that first summer class.  It was Life and Teachings of Jesus with Dr. L.  At some point in the class we watched the Matthew Bible movie (I think it was Matthew).  There was this redheaded freckled kid and his friend who were sitting directly behind me.  We had struck up a friendship during this class. They were wildly different. Stereotypical in their differences. But they were close friends.  for then.  Anyway, at some point in the movie one of the disciples, I think it was Matthew, went to sit down and sat on a kid.  Or nearly sat on a kid.  For some reason that struck the redhead as hilarious. We laughed for the rest of the movie. He would start laughing, then I would.  Then he would because the whole thing was ridiculous. His friend would start in and there we were sputtering and trying desperately not to get into trouble as we were decently good students.  We’re still friends to this day.  Not close as we were during college, but I still have the upmost respect for him and his career.  He was one of the first friends I made in college.

Eventually, I’m not even sure how, during that summer semester I got connected with a group of students who were intelligent and kind and didn’t mind having freshmen around.  They were conservative and not a few of them were theology majors.  We went hiking to waterfalls and got lost a few times.  It was through them that I met a young woman who means the world to me.  She was an excellent mentor to me and I still keep in touch with her.  I’ve never met anyone as kind or as godly as she is.  Then through her, I met her roommate, still one of the most gentle girls I know.  We became fast friends.

So I started my first semester of college with a motley, but genuine group of friends.  One of them was the point person for adventures and he took a few of us freshmen under his wing and became an older brother to all of us. He later introduced me to the guy who would become the best boss I’ve ever had.   I was taking 16 credits I think.  It was overwhelming, but I felt up to it.  I was excited and the whole thing was thrilling.  Then I got an offer to work with a local branch of a large Christian youth-led organization.  It was a volunteer position, but it was within my strengths and passions.  Awkwardly enough, I somehow became the poster child (literally) for their upcoming conference. For a shy, somewhat awkward innocent freshman, (though I didn’t realize it until later) this was super helpful in gaining status in the small pond that was my college.

It was through this organization that I met him.  He was that senior who was an intelligent mentor.  I was young and impressionable and he was older and lonely and we spent way too much time together.  I had all of these ideals and somehow I thought he fit them.  And I have no idea to this day what in the world he was thinking.

But I have a minute until I need to work on more papers, so I’ll have to finish this story later. Maybe next week. Plus Mycroft is determined to do some typing of his own.

Until later.


One thought on “On becoming – Chapter 1

  1. Yes! Writing out your story is a good way to testify of God’s goodness as well as allowing you to recall how God has help you in your life (it’s your Ebenezer). I kept mine in notebooks for a long time and then I eventually typed them out and saved them all on my blog as an attachment from Microsoft Word. 😊 It was great to reread them while typing them all out. I saw how truly blessed I was in my twenties and I often miss those years. Cherish your twenties for they go by so fast! 😀

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