God of Pain

If there’s one thing that I have learned throughout my life, it is that my God is a God of pain. He is not merely the God of the good times, but He is the God of the times when my heart is ripped out. He is not only the God who sings over me [Zeph. 3:17]: He is the God who weeps with me. 

And to me that is the most precious thing of all. When pain racks my heart and soul, when it’s so deep I cannot even cry, He is there. I’ve lost many people in my life–some to death, some to circumstances–and every time my God has stood guard over His child while I have wept–or simply ached. It doesn’t matter to Him how trivial: my God weeps with me [John 11:35]. I am never alone in my pain. 

He has promised that one day all pain and the perpetrator of all pain will die, but for now He has promised to catch all my tears in His bottle and hold them for the day of reckoning [Ps. 56:8].  And He grabs pain that the enemy uses against me and uses it to etch me into something beautiful; wielding that which was meant for my harm, for good [Rom. 8:28]. He uses the pain to etch in my soul His image. 

Through the years, He has taught me that He is also the God of pain. Though He is not the one who causes pain, He is God of all and wields pain (a natural part of life) for our good. And comparatively, I’ve suffered very little. My pain has been small compared to that of billions of others. But He still chooses to be the God of pain. Of my pain. And of yours. 

So as you weep and joy through life, remember He is the God who sings over you but also the God of your pain. 

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