Conservatives, Liberals, Progressives, and Millennials

I usually try to keep my blog titles short, but this one couldn’t be. Being a millennial in a church that on one hand tries to bend over backward and on the other ignores us completely, with some variations of offers in the middle, is confusing. One side bashes the other for their “closed mindedness,” while the other dismisses the other as too “open minded.”

But when I look at both sides, they’re the same.

The “Liberals” and “Progressives” consistently put down those who go against their ideologies–the thing they condemn conservatives for. “Conservatives” condemn liberals for their open mindedness while at the same time being too open minded for those who seem to share the same mindset thus making themselves vulnerable to things on the other side of the spectrum.

Either way: they’re both wrong. No healthy person can grow being either too open minded or closed. What do millennials really want? I want a healthy church.  Being too closed minded means no growth.  Being too open minded results in compromise of crucial values. People need to feel that their opinion is valuable–even if they’re wrong. I want to listen to you, but when 45% of your presentation is negative about the other side, I’m going to be turned off.

What if we were a church where it was ok for me to disagree with you without being attacked? What if we could hear each other out instead of putting each other down?  What if, what if we listened?

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