The Truth.

Seems I’m always writing when I should be doing “more important” things. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of authenticity for months and struggled with putting everything into words.

When I was little, I learned that truth was something to be feared.  It wasn’t something that my parents taught me, just a conclusion that I came to on my own.  Recently, I found myself falling into the same trap of false thinking: that telling the truth about being wrong meant punishment. But you know what? I learned. I was reminded that the Truth always sets you free. I was reminded that reputation and being right aren’t the most important things in life.  That reconciliation is far, far more important. Humbling myself is a small, small price to pay for reconciliation. Does my life exist to honor me?

And I have learned to find shelter in the truth.  I have learned to find healing in the truth. Sometimes admitting you flubbed up is really, really hard, but it is healing. And this is a time of incredible growth for me. Self – justification never won anything but loneliness. Hope rises not out of wording and right-ness, but out of righteousness.

Being right with God. And man.

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