On love.

[You are not about to read what you think you are reading.]

Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not boast. It doesn’t puff itself up. It doesn’t envy or compare itself to others. It rejoices in truth and believes all things.

But most of all? Love never gives up.

And it was never promised to be easy, only that He would be with you.  As I look to Jesus, I see what a wretched sinner I am and what a spectacular God He is. The more I behold Him, the less I want to be like me, the less I desire sin in my life. The more time I spend with Him, the deeper I fall in love with Him. The more patient I become with those around me. I become kinder. I become humble and meek as He is. I stop wishing for things that He has not chosen to give me. I relish in the things He has given me now.  I become pleased with what He has made me at the stage where I’m at. I see His love and soon my love begins to look like His. He is the one who bestows patience when I ask. He is the One who helps me see my true condition. He is the One who rejoices in me and I in Him. He is the One who believes in me.

And each and every day, I begin to love a bit more like my Jesus does. And every day, I start to see Him a bit more clearly and my imperfections a bit more clearly. I see my filthiness and I throw my helpless soul on His cross and receive forgiveness. And I am justified. And I have peace with my God. And I glory in tribulation.

And slowly, surely, sin becomes disgusting to me. Sin becomes the thing that separates me from the Love of my life. As I behold His light the darknesses in my own life I didn’t even know were there, become visible.

And slowly, surely I begin to look more and more like my Jesus. Slowly, surely my love grows. Slowly, surely my impulses become His own. Imperceptibly, tenderly, I begin to look like my Jesus.

And that?  That is what love looks like, my friend.

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