Get Help.

20 minutes ago someone I know confessed that they are an alcoholic.

It shook me to my core.  What do you do when someone you know and care about starts throwing their life away?

“It hasn’t affected my studies. I only drink on the weekends.”

“Yet. It hasn’t affected them, yet.”

Alcohol isn’t something to play with.  No drug is. No addiction is.  It ruins you behind your back.  If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction, get help.  I mean it. You as a friend or as the one addicted cannot do it yourself.

  1. Get outside help.  For my friend it meant right then and there, while I was talking to them, scheduling an appointment with a counselor at their school.  For you or your friend it may mean reaching out to trusted adults.  It takes a village of professionals as accountability partners and counselors.  Don’t try to do this alone.
  2. Surrender.  After we scheduled an appointment, we prayed.  The journey to healing and freedom always begins with God. I had the person pray and surrender their depression and alcohol addiction to God right there.   Prayer isn’t a magic trick though.  It takes a daily surrender and a daily choosing by God’s power for the right.
  3. Create a game plan for regeneration.  After we prayed, I had them promise me that they would turn back to God–that they would turn to His Word.  It’s often easiest for someone to begin with Psalms, or at least portions of it.  Either way, get a game plan for regeneration.

And there’s hundreds more of things you can do. The thing is, do it. Get help.  My friend’s problem began when they began to hang out with people who drank.  Don’t hang out with people who do things you don’t approve of.  And always, always, get outside help.

You could be the difference.

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