The Well, Romance, and the Almighty

[Thank you to Judit, Maria, and Lauren for the awesome discussion that inspired this blog post. You ladies are the best. Also, shout out to Luke for the thoughts on the incompleteness of man and woman.]

Being romanced:  it’s a desire that springs from the depths of our souls.  It something that–guy or girl–we crave.  We want to feel valued; we want that “us-ness.” We want to know that someone craves us.

If you’re single like I am, then there’s probably a million questions you have–and if you’re not single, probably a million more.  My favorite love story is found in Genesis. It’s the story of Jacob and Rachel.  If you haven’t read the story in a while, let me remind you:

Jacob has just run away from everything he’s known seeking refuge.  The Bible doesn’t indicate he’s actively seeking God–he’s simply running away from his mistakes.  In the process, God intervenes and begins His life-long romance with Jacob.  He meets Jacob where he is at and shows him a glimpse of Himself.  After Jacob’s encounter with the Almighty, he is directed to a well.  At the same time, Rachel is directed toward the same well. Over time, Jacob falls in love with Rachel.  God brings Jacob to Rachel, but He does not give her to him immediately. Instead, God makes Jacob wait.  God has just begun His own romance with Jacob–he isn’t ready to romance a woman until God has romanced his heart. Jacob has to learn to romance God’s heart first.

And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.  We would love for the story to end there with our couple getting married and living happily ever after–but that isn’t real life. God allowed Laban to intervene.  It is not for us to know why, but only to understand that there was a lesson for Jacob to learn.  He didn’t get Rachel immediately–even after His “days were fulfilled.”  Instead, he had to serve another seven years for her.  Even though he did not have to wait for her another seven years, he still had to pay for his love for her.  Jacob would not give up in his love for her.  He would do anything, anything to have her.

And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her.

And this is where Jacob’s love for her shows us Christ’s love for us.  Christ has been waiting to come for His bride for thousands of years.  He desperately wants to have us.  He is serving, waiting on His father’s permission to come and rescue His church.

And we all want to be loved like Christ loves the church.  The thing is, to know that love we have to know the Lover.  If we truly want someone to love us as faithfully as Christ does, then we have to know His love first.  A man and a woman alone do not accurately reflect God.  A man has the innate desire to pursue, protect, and provide for a woman.  A woman has the desire to be pursued, protected, and provided for.  God desires to pursue, protect, and provide for us–it’s part of His character. But, God also desires to be pursued, have a relationship that is protected, and to have us provide for that relationship: He doesn’t need it; He desires it. Thus when a man and woman come together with God, His character is reflected in that relationship.

The greatest romance in the world isn’t with another human.  It can’t be.  The greatest romance in the world is the One that has been waiting for you since eternity past.  And it has seemed but a few days for the love that He has for you.

Won’t you pursue Him too?

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