The Adventure

I got up this morning and quietly clambered down off of the top bunk. I managed to run to the bathroom and climb back up. I dug through the suitcase I had slept with (because there was no room to put it on the floor) and grabbed my clothes for the day. The once neatly organized suitcase doesn’t look so organized now. I wrapped my clothes in the sheet I had to use as a towel because, the genius I am, I forgot one. (That was sarcastic for those of you who did not pick up on that.) I climbed down and grabbed my bundle. It was then that I was faced with a challenge: there were two girls asleep on mattresses on the floor because the room reservation had gotten messed up. I gingerly stepped over them and found my backpack stacked on all the other luggage stashed in the corner. Rummaging around yielded no results. Finally, I found my quart size bag with my shampoo, face wash etc.  With my arms full, I tripped over the two mattresses with their inhabitants and ended up in the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, I went into the shower stall and looked for a place to set my clothes and shower supplies. They ended up on the toilet. After reading the instructions, I figured out how to operate it (turn on the one on the left, wait 30 seconds, turn on the knob to the right) then began my shower.  Halfway through, I looked down and realized there was a two inch deep pond in the whole stall. My clothes sat on an island in the middle on the toilet.  The water was slipping out under the stall door and into the main part of the bathroom. I turned off the shower and finished my shower with it turned off and on as I needed it.  I dried off with the “towel” (if you’ve never done it, you should try it sometime.) and managed to pull on my clothes as I sloshed through the little puddle on the floor. Finally, I crawled back over the sleeping girls and onto my bed where I texted my mom and friends. (And started this blog post)

And this is having it easy. It isn’t nearly as difficult as it sounds.  This is the mission field.  It’s normally not this easy. The mission field is an adventure–not a tourist trip with five star hotels.  The point of all of this is not you, it’s Him.  The mission is the vision, nothing else.

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